TRIO Academy is accepting new clients!
Often times parents and caregivers become overwhelmed with a new diagnosis or when their child transitions from children’s to young adult or adult services. Each transitional phase offers new challenges in finding, adjusting to, and funding new services.

This is our solution.
TRIO provides services that range from daily living skills for children through teens to community outreach. We have extensive experience in services for children and teens. TRIO was founded to not only provide the needed services for each phase but to also help parents navigate through them. Services touch every aspect of an individual’s life from parent training to community training, autism education, and school support. This ensures a seamless approach to behavior and services from parents and caregivers to school and the community to produce the best outcome for our clients.

A parent review:

TRIO has been a game changer and a lifesaver for us. My son is 2.5 years old and I was really worried about him transitioning there after being in an in-home daycare since birth. But since day one he absolutely loved it! He’s autistic and has sensory issues and within the first month they had him finger painting and playing with shaving cream! One thing we can never get him to do is brush his teeth and tonight he actually brushed his own front teeth! Kim, I can’t say enough good about! I even brought my daughter here because she too has issues. Issues that were never able to be diagnosed before. But Kim was able to see her needs and was able to accurately diagnose her within one session! The staff is incredible and I am so thankful that we found them! One thing that I love is that the staff is so affectionate with the kids. It really is like an extension of family here. Angela and her team are true angels and we are so incredibly grateful.