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Available Positions:

Behavior Treatment Technician

Enjoy paid training with a supportive and enthusiastic team! Behavioral Treatment Technicians work directly with children with autism and other disabilities. Technicians teach daily living skills, social skills, and other skills. They are responsible for writing treatment notes and collecting data. Technicians should be flexible, willing to work as a team, be able to run, play and lift up to 40 pounds, accepting of feedback and directions and willing to have fun!

Requirements: 18 years old with high school diploma, valid drivers license with reliable transportation

Behavior Treatment Teacher

A Behavior Treatment Teacher has two categories of responsibilities: first, teaching responsibilities and second, therapist responsibilities. Teaching responsibilities include: lesson planning for assigned group of children, implementing portions of daily programming with assigned group, assist in keeping classroom and other spaces utilized clean and organized, and employing a variety of evidence-based teaching techniques. Therapist responsibilities include: assessing assigned children using evidence-based curricula, write individualized treatment plans based on results of assessments, monitor progress and make data-driven changes to programming. 

Requirements: Active teaching license (cross-cat or dual preferred) with at least 1700 hour of one-on-one experience with children with Autism.

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